Tips for Kidney Health

How can you best support your kidneys and urinary tract? There are many natural tips and products to support urinary health. Avoiding kidney infections, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections will be explored, as well as tips on healing naturally from these ailments.

Our kidneys have big jobs to do in the body. You want to treat them well so they will serve you throughout your lifetime.


The kidneys are located behind the abdomen, sitting on either side of the spine. Egyptians used to leave only the brain and kidneys before embalming a body, claiming they held a higher status within the body. The kidneys maintain homeostasis and therefore it’s important to take extra care of them.

What do the kidneys do?

Remove toxins and waste products from the body

Make hormones for bone health, stabilizing blood pressure, and creating new blood cells

Maintain fluid balance

Maintain electrolyte balance

Activate vitamin D

There are many ways to damage the kidneys. Your body can handle toxins in small and occasional doses. However, in excess, the following can lead to severe kidney damage:



Overuse of drugs

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Kidney Stones

Kidney stones happen as the result of excessive mineral buildup in the kidneys which can cause blockage in the ureters.

Kidney Infections

Bacteria in the bladder can lead to an infection in the kidneys.

How can you support your kidneys naturally?

1. Drink water! Half of your body weight in ounces is the standard formula. However, your activity levels may dictate a higher consumption.

2. Eat healthy with whole foods to avoid high blood pressure and diabetes, which can damage the kidneys.

3. Exercise is good for your overall health and that means your kidneys will benefit as well. Aim for 20-30 minutes of cardio activity five times each week. Obesity puts excessive strain on the kidneys, as well as other organs in the body.

3. Quit smoking! You know you should.

4. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Our bodies heal while we sleep. Skipping out on this luxurious health benefit can create a multitude of problems.

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Cranberries and blueberries help support urinary health.

Most of us have heard of drinking cranberry juice when experiencing symptoms of a UTI. However, most cranberry juices have a high sugar content. Unsweetened cranberry juice is nearly undrinkable with its strong bitter taste. You can add unsweetened cranberry juice to herbal tea, juice, or water to make it more palatable. Cranberry capsules are a wonderful alternative to juice.

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Blueberries: “these sweet berries contain antioxidants called anthocyanins, which may protect against heart disease, certain cancers, cognitive decline, and diabetes. They also make a fantastic addition to a kidney-friendly diet, as they are low in sodium, phosphorus, and potassium.”


Garlic extract capsules or fresh garlic are beneficial when fighting off a kidney infection or urinary tract infection. Ingest 3 cloves per day while symptomatic. Swallow peeled garlic cloves whole with water. Or chop and add to salads, stir-fry veggies, meat marinades, and fresh garlic bread. Garlic capsules can be taken instead of fresh garlic. I advise 3-4 pills per day if your stomach can tolerate this. High doses of garlic can cause stomach upset for some people.

Vitamin C

Eating fruit that is high in vitamin c is helpful to support kidneys. Try the following high vitamin c foods:


Citrus: oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes





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Ascorbic acid is the main ingredient in vitamin c supplements. This is a water-soluble vitamin. If too much is consumed, it will cause diarrhea in most people. Taking 2000 to 4000 mg daily for 3-5 days is recommended when fighting off a kidney infection or UTI.


D-mannose is a type of sugar that is known for treating and preventing UTI’s. Many formulas contain a combination of cranberry extract and vitamin c, making this an excellent supplement to have around if you are prone to UTI’s. Taking this supplement at the first symptom is the best way to lessen the effects of UTI symptoms or stop it altogether.

Try the following herbal teas for kidney infections:

Dandelion root

Ginger root

Red Clover


Kidney stones

Flushing your body with water, healthy juice, and teas will help to aid the passing of kidney stones. Trying some of the following may be helpful:

Celery juice

Pomegranate juice

Apple cider vinegar added to water

Dandelion tea

Lemon juice added to water

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Healthy recommendations that can treat many symptoms and illnesses:

Drink pure water


Get plenty of rest

Eat whole foods

Take natural supplements and vitamins

Drink herbal teas

Reduce alcohol

Quit smoking

Lower stress

Kidney health equals full-body health. By adopting some of the changes listed above, you are sure to feel more energy, have fewer illnesses, and improved memory function.

Replacing alcohol and soda with herbal teas will add to your hydration instead of dehydrating you. Consuming less sugar will improve your health dramatically. Experiment with different herbal tea combinations to find your favorites.

Trust Your Gut, Know Your Gut and Meditative State of Mind can be purchased through Amazon. For more information on You, Me and Uni, check out the website, created by Master Herbalist, Jennifer Vollbrecht. Browse the herbal tea articles on the site for more tips on adding delicious tea to your healthy lifestyle. Click here to read articles on improving digestion, dandelion tea benefits, and remedies for cold and flu season.

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden is a writer, editor and the owner of Walden Writes For Women.



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