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The authors of Feminism: A Journey to Equality want to spread the word. We’re talking feminism here. Bringing people together in discussions of equality. Honoring the talents that we all have, regardless of our gender. Equal rights and opportunities for all people!

Feminism: A Journey to Equality, is a workbook that celebrates all of our unique differences. Written by Jennifer Vollbrecht and Danaelle Rodriguez, they have a vision to provide opportunities for reflection. It’s a reminder that we all have skills and abilities that make this world fun and functional. Their beautifully decorated workbook permits us to play.

Imagine attending a conference with a Feminism session by these two dynamic women. With your workbook in hand, you will be guided to tune in to your inner wisdom. We all possess our own innate ability to sort out our difficulties. Jen and Del will lead you in exercises to better understand the answers that are within you. Taking time away from your busy life to put yourself first, can open up doors you didn’t know were closed.

Hiring Jen and Del to attend a corporate luncheon at your company will show your employees that you care about their mental health. Giving employees a couple of hours off from their job to tune in will increase workflow as they feel appreciated. When their cup is full, they have more to give. These dynamic speakers will inspire and motivate men and women during their presentation. A package can include a copy of Feminism: A Journey to Equality, for each employee.

Invite Vollbrecht and Rodriguez to talk on your podcast. Have a conversation about bringing people closer through connection and diversity. Discuss what feminism is not. Get to the root of what feminism is and why we all must understand it. With so many people divided, let this book bring us together.

Consider adding Feminism to your school’s curriculum. The authors are available to collaborate on creating a syllabus with feminism topics for all ages and grade levels. Add the workbook for more defined lessons. Many instructors are aware of the power of journaling. This workbook will guide readers to journal on specific topics. It provides a fun and playful way to examine our psyche. This is an excellent way to teach young people how important it is to set aside time for self-care.

Book fairs and book signing events will be delighted to have these fabulous authors. They love talking with their readers and signing books. They get into the best conversations with others who are passionate about feminism. They also welcome a spirited debate with people who are not quite sure about feminism.

Meditation and Yoga Retreats are ideal venues to host a speaking presentation with Jen and Del. At these retreats, many attendees are already in the mindset of self-care. Soak in the words of these enlightened women and get ready to go through a deep journey with yourself.

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Starting a journaling practice

Journaling is not only for the young. Therapists, counselors, teachers, and psychologists recommend journaling to heal and recover from traumatic events. The power of writing your thoughts on paper can have the same benefits as talking to a close friend. Simply admitting your mistakes, writing about painful conversations, and recording experiences can take a weight off. Journaling, combined with regular talking sessions is known to lower stress and improve overall happiness. Journaling is a wonderful way to define and reach your goals. Writing down your goals makes you accountable. Seeing goals in print can have a powerful effect as you turn your dreams into an action plan.

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I love going through old journals to see what I struggled with and what my goals were. I delight in knowing I succeeded over the years. I also enjoy noticing how my dreams have evolved. What was once important to me has shifted to another dream. I can piece together connections that show me how one step led to the next.

When suffering from depression or anxiety, journaling your daily moods can be a way to acknowledge them. Sometimes simply admitting that we feel agitated or sad can cause a change in our outlook. “Hello sadness, I’m done with you. Thank you for coming but our visit is over now.” By writing down our daily mood, we can see a pattern over time. This may be an effective form of therapy when working with a therapist.

Avid journal writer and journalist Michael Grothaus says journaling can strengthen the immune system, help you sleep, and lower blood pressure levels.

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When experiencing anxiety, journaling can help you to release the specific emotions you are feeling. Write down every worry you are having in a given moment. When seeing your fears written, it may be easier to pinpoint your triggers as well as helping you put things into perspective. Worries and fears are not rational. When people are having an emotional reaction, they need to release all of those feelings before they can move through them. Journaling can help move a person through the process instead of stuffing feelings down deep.

Feminism: A Path to Equality is a revolutionary book that should be in all libraries and schools. Help us spread the word by reposting this article. For more information on this fantastic book, click here. Consider hosting Jen and Del for your next event in the office, at retreats, and your school. They have a mission to empower and educate the public about equality and feminism. It starts with us. Order your copy on Amazon and begin your journey to self-reflection.

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden is a freelance writer and editor in Gainesville, Florida.




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