Staying Sane in this New World Part 2

Part 2 of a Series

Continuing with the theme from last week, let’s continue to talk about ways to stay sane in this new world we are living in. With orders to continue self-quarantine until April 31st, we are in this for at least four more weeks. Read Staying Sane in this New World- Part 1.

We are in this together! Each and every one of us. What you do, what you post, and what you share with the world virtually, affects us all. We can make a difference by supporting and encouraging one another.

Be the change you want to see in this world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Last week we talked about working remotely, homeschooling, and needing a hug. If you felt inspired to make changes from the article, please share with us. If you have more tips that we could benefit from, please share!

Unable to see family

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At a time like this, we may yearn to see our extended family more. We might feel inspired to help them with household chores, share meals, and play games together. But knowing we can put them in harm’s way, keeps us apart.

When you can’t physically be there, it’s time to get creative. Below are some suggestions for continuing connections with extended family.

Daily telephone and video calls

Drop off meals and groceries to their porch

Watch movies together with share apps

Send gift cards for their favorite restaurant

Call in a takeout order to be delivered as a surprise

Help with gardening projects and yard work- show up unannounced and get busy

Drowning in household chores

Now that everyone is home, all the time, there are more messes! Everyone is talking about the multitude of dirty dishes in the house since we eat all meals from home (and make all of the tea, coffee, and desserts). I see dishes in all rooms of the house, including my kid’s bathroom. It’s time to start a good ole fashioned chore wheel and post kitchen rules for the whole family.

I’m not one for “traditional male and female household roles.” Equality and feminism are well-known words in our home. Check out Feminism: A Journey to Equality and read the article about this amazing workbook. We are all capable of doing the work that multiplies every day for each person.

If you love taking out the trash, then do that!

One person can wash and dry the laundry, one can fold, and someone else can put it away.

Monday through Friday chores can be posted and then divide them up between family members. Some chores for little ones can be done with an older sibling in a mentorship program.

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If you don’t enjoy cleaning dishes but you get annoyed when others do it “wrong” try one of these tips:

Make a step-by-step guide and post it near the sink

Wash dishes together with the ones who need more training

One person loads the dishwasher and one can put the dishes away

Establish a rule for all to load the dishwasher (or hand-wash) their dishes after meals

Doing it yourself is always an option

Rotate cooking dinner between house-mates. Children who are too young to go it alone can partner up with adults or teens for their night. If only one person in the house is considered a good cook, give some lessons a few nights a week and leave out recipe books and send links to recipes you would like for them to cook.

For your weekly grocery shopping trips – send only one adult at a time. Going early in the morning reduces exposure to crowds and stores are more likely to have the items on your list. Let’s lessen our trips to the store for everyone’s safety. Consider grocery and pharmacy delivery to lessen everyone’s exposure to germs.

Yard work– let’s do this together. It’s so much more fun to be outside with the whole family. Consider beautifying your yard for spring by taking advantage of more time spent at home. Our home is our sanctuary. Take this opportunity to bring more tranquility to your outdoor spaces.

Seeing too much of your partner

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Do you want a break from the one you love? Having a chance to miss each other would be wonderful. Are you wishing it was a long-distance relationship and you could just Face Time each evening instead of having 24/7 contact? These times are unprecedented. While we may fully love our families with all of our hearts, alone time is appreciated by many to recharge and clear the mind.

Set aside quiet time to prioritize self-care during your quarantine. Set up a place in the garden, go for a walk, lock the bathroom door for an hour-long bath, or listen to a podcast on the porch. Write it on a big calendar for all to see: “Me-Time” at 4 o’clock. Encourage everyone to do this. Carve out an hour for some much deserved “Do Not Disturb- Time”.

Too much social media

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I wish someone would set my phone up like I do my daughter’s phone: it shuts off at 9 pm. I want to put it down. I don’t want to read all the posts and comments] everywhere. But I want to know everything. I want to stay informed. I love staying connected with friends that I have all over the world. I want to offer support and I want to receive support.

I also want to take care of my emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. Staring at the screen all day for work, social media, and reading articles of a political or virus nature, does not help. Many of us now have more time and freedom and have to make hard choices of what to do with our time.

Healthy ways to use our time when eyes are off the screen:


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Reading a paper book



Playing a board game

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Taking an exercise class

Playing in the garden

Hula hooping

Creating art

Workbooks such as Feminism: A Journey to Equality


Writing a book

Adding a tea ritual to your days and nights can soothe the soul and calm your nerves. Meditative State of Mind tea has beneficial herbs for your health and your sanity. Order yours on Amazon to try this delicious blend. Read our article about this lovely tea. Know Your Gut, Trust Your Gut contains soothing herbs and flowers that will rebalance your digestive tract. Read our article about digestive help.

Please share in the comments about how you are making life meaningful by adding to these tips. To order your copy of Feminism: A Journey to Equality, click here. Stay tuned for more tips on staying sane in this new world – next week.

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden

Freelance writer and editor in Gainesville, Florida




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