Meditative State of Mind

When you think of lavender tea, you may imagine having a hot cup before bed to help induce a full night’s sleep. This is an excellent way to enjoy You, Me, and Uni’s Meditative State of Mind. With or without honey it has a full-bodied flavor that is pleasant to anyone. Because the tea is loose leaf, the flowers and leaves will plump up when submerged in boiling water. You don’t have to worry about removing the tea after a few minutes like a fine green or black tea. There will be no bitterness from steeping Meditative State of Mind for hours, if you desire or if you get distracted.

Meditative State of Mind Tea

From the moment you open your zip-lock bag, the floral essence will delight your senses. Each bag is packed full to the brim and will last for months. Store away from direct heat for prolonged freshness. When I see the beautiful woman drawing on the package, I am carried away to a relaxed state immediately.

Meditative State of Mind Ingredients

Most of us are familiar with the healing benefits of lavender and the yummy scent of lavender in beauty products and teas. When you combine this fragrant flower with mint and chamomile, you are left with a relaxed digestive tract as well as mind and body. The flavors combine in symbiotic harmony, combining a balance that can only be accomplished by working together. Lavender, mint, and chamomile are not the only flowers and herbs in this incredible tea, the master herbalist, Jennifer Vollbrecht also added moringa.

Moringa is a Superfood

If you haven’t heard of this amazing herb, I want you to know that it’s being compared to kale due to the healing benefits. It is linked to diabetes prevention. It is high in vitamin c which is beneficial for iron absorption and benefits the immune system. Moringa lowers cholesterol levels when consumed in all forms. You can ingest all parts of this plant, the leaves, and the roots, by boiling, steeping, or adding it fresh to salads.

The combination of lavender, mint, chamomile, and moringa brings an abundance of health-benefits while tasting great! I challenge you to think outside the box when preparing this tea. Of course, you can make a lovely standard cup of hot tea in the evening, after dinner. You will be soothed and peace will overcome you. You can steep this tea for hours, drain it, and put it in the refrigerator for a refreshing cold drink.

Do you like mocktails?

Whether you are a light to moderate drinker or are living a sober life, mocktails are a delicious way to enjoy an alcohol-free beverage. Try this recipe!

Meditative Mocktail Recipe

Bring the ingredients of this recipe to a party to offer guests an alternative to alcohol. Steep meditative state of mind tea in a large mason jar for 30 minutes to two hours. Use one teaspoon for each cup of boiling water for a stronger version than package directions indicate. Adding a sweetener to the hot tea will help it to properly absorb. Try honey, sugar, or lavender or peppermint syrup. Strain the tea leaves and chill the tea for several hours in the refrigerator. In a cocktail shaker or empty mason jar, fill halfway with chilled tea and ice. Shake until you have very cold tea. Pour the strained tea into a stainless-steel glass or copper mug halfway. Add ice and ginger beer to fill to the top. Add a sprig of mint for beauty and extra minty-goodness. Top it off with a glass or metal straw and enjoy being the hit of the party!

Meditative Hot Cocoa

There are several dairy-free chocolate milks on the market that are packed with nutrients. Try chocolate pea milk for extra protein benefits or Trader Joe’s peppermint chocolate almond milk. Use pre-made Meditative State of Mind tea, add half tea with half chocolate milk on the stove and warm until hot. Pour into a mug, adding sweetener if you wish, and enjoy on a cold night!

Sparkling Meditative Beverage

Make a strong meditative tea by adding 1 teaspoon of the dried tea to ½ cup of boiling water and steeping for at least 30 minutes. Strain the tea and refrigerate for at least two hours. Pour into a glass halfway. Add sparkling water to the top and enjoy! Try experimenting with lemon or lime-flavored sparkling water to find the perfect drink for a hot day.

Lavender Mint Mule

Try Meditative State of Mind tea in a cocktail with gin or vodka. Use a strong version of tea (1 teaspoon per cup of water) which has been steeped for an hour, strained, and cooled. Using a chilled cocktail shaker (wet and place in freezer for 20 minutes prior to use), add one ounce of clear alcohol (gin or vodka are perfect choices). Add two ounces tea and fill with ice. Shake your booty and the shaker until your drink is extra cold. Use a copper or stainless-steel mug, add ice and pour one-part cold tea with liquor to one-part cold ginger beer. The sweetness of the ginger beer will be enough for most, however, experiment with using lavender/peppermint syrup or agave if you prefer more sweet flavors on your tongue. Finish with a long sprig of mint and a metal straw.

I hope we have inspired you to experiment and enjoy Meditative State of Mind for its healing benefits as well as its delicious and aromatic properties. If you create something new with this incredible tea and want to share, please let us know. We may feature your recipe in another post. Comments questions are always welcome! I must go now…my tea is calling!

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden

Freelance Writer and Editor in Gainesville, FL



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