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Uni means Universe. You, Me, and Uni is a company with all of us in mind. This includes embracing the universe as a whole. Their collection of teas, hand-crafted from Jennifer Vollbrecht, are free of caffeine and sugar. They have been designed with health in mind, to bring our systems back in balance. They make excellent gifts as part of a self-care package for the ones you love. Pulling from some of the most informative articles of 2020, I want to share an in-depth look into You, Me, and Uni teas.

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Making a cup of tea is a segment of time where you can just focus on the tea and let the worries of the day fall away for just a little bit. Filling the kettle with water, bringing it to a boil, pouring the boiling water onto the herbs and letting them steep, watching as the water slowly changes color. This all takes time and can, for many people, become a meditative ritual in itself. Allowing you to take a step back and just be. This moment can be particularly helpful as we are looking to go back to work after a long quarantine. We are all worried about the state of our health right now, and a simple little ritual like this can drastically improve our outlook, and that’s all before we take a look at any of the herbs involved.

You, Me, and Uni’s Meditative State of Mind has a full-bodied flavor that is pleasant to anyone. Because the tea is loose leaf, the flowers and leaves will plump up when submerged in boiling water. Lavender, mint, and chamomile are not the only flowers and herbs in this incredible tea, the master herbalist, Jennifer Vollbrecht also added moringa.

Moringa is at once calming, cleansing, and energizing. Drinking moringa as an herbal tea before your meditation or yoga practice can help awaken your spirit while quieting your mind. The earthy flavor of moringa can be used as a focal point during your practice to reconnect you with your innate relationship with the earth.

Lavender has shown to be an effective treatment for headache relief and migraine relief. We’ve all heard that lavender reduces stress and anxiety – two common reasons for headaches. However, it’s also been shown to ease headaches of all kinds. In one study, participants reported a reduction in headache-related pain after only 15 minutes of inhaling the aroma of lavender oil. Read more about the healing benefits of lavender.

We’re all familiar with the sweet aroma of mint, but you may be surprised at just how much power this potent little herb packs. It’s become so commonplace, it’s often overlooked as a powerful herbal tea. Along with its nausea fighting cousin ginger, peppermint is renowned for its ability to relax the muscles in the stomach that cause nausea, bloating, excess gas, and diarrhea. This little leafy green is an antispasmodic, easing the knots in your stomach.

Today, chamomile is a well-known herb that has proven beneficial for calming the mind and body. It is used in many herbal tea blends for relaxation. Read more about the amazing qualities of chamomile.

We’ve discussed herbal teas before, and I’ve even shared with you some great blends you can put together yourself. We are all aware that these teas are beneficial because of the herbs put into them, and that each herb can help in different ways. But the process of making the tea, that little ritual, can be beneficial all on its own.

Hot tea after meals is soothing to your digestive system. Ginger, comfrey, fennel, and mint are excellent teas to have when you are wanting some extra support for your belly. Sipping tea slowly on the couch or sitting outside can be a lovely ritual after dinner. Know Your Gut, Trust Your Gut contains soothing herbs and flowers that will rebalance your digestive tract. Prepare this tea while cooking dinner and let it steep for about an hour to gain the most medicinal qualities. From the moment you open your bag, the delightful scent will draw you in. I add local honey to my tea and drink it hot. However, on hot days of summer, I enjoy this cold between meals.

Trust Your Gut, Know Your Gut and Meditative State of Mind can be purchased through Amazon. For more information on You, Me and Uni, check out the website, created by Master Herbalist, Jennifer Vollbrecht. Browse the herbal tea articles on the site for more tips on adding delicious tea to your healthy lifestyle. Click here to read articles on improving digestiondandelion tea benefits, and remedies for cold and flu season. Place an order today for yourself and for someone you love. They will ship it directly to anyone you choose. We know the holidays are different this year, let us help you spread some holiday cheer, with health in mind.

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden is a writer, editor and the owner of Walden Writes For Women.



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