Spotlight on Jennifer Vollbrecht

The co-founder of You, Me, and Uni is a woman of many talents.

  • Master Herbalist
  • Crafter of two herbal tea blends
  • Gardener
  • Author of 3 books
  • Business Woman
  • Mother and Wife
  • Veteran

I first started working with Jennifer as her editor on her second book My Mommy is a Marine. Jennifer wrote this children’s book, to teach her kids about her life as a Marine and a Veteran. She wanted to give kids a realistic view of living with a parent in the military. The story evolved out of stories she started telling her two children, about her life before they were born.

She is also the co-author of Feminism: A Journey to Equality.

Two sisters: Danaelle and Jennifer

This Feminism Workbook celebrates equality in a refreshing and fun way. The pages draw you in with their unique artistic style. The printed words combine with beautiful artwork will delight you with a perfect balance of calm and excitement. Each page guides you through an inspiring journey to discover more of yourself. You will be directed to write as you go through the simple exercises. 

You are asked to label parts of yourself as a way to take ownership of all of your fantastic titles: leader, mother, fighter, artist, beautiful, and goofy, etc. You will be guided to write a letter, to share your dark side as well as what makes you feel alive. In the end, you will have your own story, written in your own words as a celebration of YOU!

This is a movement and you are the leader.” 

Feminism: A Journey to Equality

Consider this book when going through big changes in your life, such as the first year of motherhood, after a painful breakup, or just because it’s 2020. Therapy and good friends are valuable tools during huge changes, yet you may crave more than they can give. Sometimes you need time alone for reflection and processing.

Order your copy of Feminism: A Journey to Equality today! Read about the authors here!

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The Boss

To maintain her vision for the future of her companies, Jennifer relied on her leadership strengths, developed during her time in the Marine Corps. Leading a crew comes as second nature to her. One of her staff members had this to say about her, in a recent interview about her consulting company:

“Meeting Jennifer at the gym, I came to know her as a strong woman, who can lift as much (or more) as most of the men in our class! After learning about Jennifer’s experience and accomplishments in life, I came to realize she is an even stronger woman than I thought.”

JVC staff

She runs several successful companies, You, Me, and Uni and JVC: J Vollbrecht Consulting, while maintaining her passion for herbal teas and living a healthy lifestyle.

Cultivating herbs by creating teas, salves, tinctures, and infusions is something that grounds Jennifer. The co-owner of You, Me and Uni is a Master Herbalist who studied at Kingdom College of Natural Health, in 2018. It was a self-paced learning program which she completed in nine months. Her training involved over 200 hours of course study and hands-on practice.

As a mother of two young children, she found it especially helpful to have a home apothecary. She took an interest in herbs and oils to aid in gentle healing of different skin conditions and ailments. She enjoyed researching and finding the perfect remedies to mix, infuse, and make salves and oil blends.

girl wearing white floral dress beside grass plant at daytime

She planted an herb garden with her children to give them the experience of tending plants. Her kids enjoy being with her during all of the stages of planting, growing, tending, and then using herbs in concoctions to encourage wellness and healing. 

“I have made my two favorite blends Know Your Gut/Trust Your Gut and Meditative State of Mind, which I sell on my website. I continue to refine my recipes and make different blends of herbal teas. I like to pack the herbs in a mason jar and steep for hours, this makes a potent blend that can be enjoyed hot with honey, or cold over ice. My very favorite herb is growing all over my back and front yard: lavender. It smells incredible and has a wealth of healing benefits such as calming the mind and body. Lavender tastes so yummy when added to most tea blends. I also love to infuse my fresh lavender into grapeseed oil and use on dry winter skin. At home, I also diffuse lavender and use this delicious flower in herbal baths.”

Jennifer Vollbrecht

Two tea blends from You, Me, and Uni

When you enjoy You, Me, and Uni’s Meditative State of Mind, you will notice the combination of lavender, mint, chamomile, and moringa brings an abundance of health-benefits while tasting great! With or without honey it has a full-bodied flavor that is pleasant to anyone. Because the tea is loose leaf, the flowers and leaves will plump up when submerged in boiling water. 

Know Your Gut, Trust Your Gut is a digestive tea blend created by Master Herbalist, Jennifer Vollbrecht of You, Me, and Uni. This blend contains comfrey, dandelion, cornflower petals, and red clover.

Hot tea after meals is soothing to your digestive system. Ginger, comfrey, fennel, and mint are excellent teas to have when you are wanting some extra support for your belly. Sipping tea slowly on the couch or sitting outside can be a lovely ritual after dinner. Know Your Gut, Trust Your Gut contains soothing herbs and flowers that will rebalance your digestive tract.

Jennifer with her children

Jennifer: “I am living a dream come true. Everything in my life has culminated in this and I feel like I am in the exact right place at the right time and with the right people! I love tackling difficult projects by teaming with the best professionals and hitting home run after home run.”

It has been an amazing full year working with Jennifer Vollbrecht. She inspires me in her work ethic, her commitment to continuing her education, and her dedication to her family. I continue to wish her much success in her businesses and hope to continue working together for many more years to come.

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden

Freelance writer and editor at Walden Writes For Women, in Gainesville, Florida




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