They say we need at least five positive news stories to counter one negative story. Our brain processes stressful events at a powerful level, creating a cascade of bodily reactions. We, as a nation are watching more news than ever before. We are bombarded with stories and videos on the latest positive cases of COVID 19. The ending of our days in quarantine continues to be farther into the future than we ever thought. Healthcare workers are making sacrifices to care for the sickest of the sick. Most of us are experiencing firsthand the hardships of not having enough toilet paper, surgical masks, and disinfecting products.

The negative news is on repeat for 24 hours a day. We will know the latest in COVID 19 research and how we can protect ourselves. Yet, at what cost? Learning to set limits on the amount of time we spend on news updates, will allow us to be in the present moment with less stress.

Let’s make recreation, phone calls with friends, and fresh outdoor air a daily priority. Social media doesn’t stop. It will be there when we get back to it. Making every day one that you feel proud of will give you a feeling of empowerment that two hours of social media can never create.

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Seek out the good news:

Follow positive people on social media:

If you like someone’s heartwarming comment on a post, follow them. This will increase the chance of your newsfeed bringing you positive news on the daily. I stalk positive people by reviewing old posts, articles, and videos on their site. I find so much inspiration this way. I’ve also gained amazing friendships just by leaving encouraging comments for them.

One good video leads to the next:

When I find a funny or positive video with an uplifting or hilarious theme, I get to the source. Often, I find more from that person or company and I can get lost in a rabbit hole of good.


Whatever makes you laugh, seek it out. Especially on those days when everything seems harder. Funny memes, sarcastic friends, sassy teens…the world provides us with moments to laugh without effort. Several parenting moments could lead to anger or laughter. I find the choice is always related to my mood. Kids are kids. They can be moody and demanding more so than they are thankful and positive. So, try to find some humor in their processes. This will usually lead to your kid laughing at themselves as well and changing their behavior.

Think about the things that upset babies and toddlers- it’s hilarious. Now imagine an adult behaving like a baby. Now watch this funny video by Laura Clery of an adult acting like a little one and you will laugh, guaranteed.

Set up social events:

You don’t have to leave your house to host a party anymore. This is good news! We always had this opportunity and most took it for granted.

Go live!

Cook something, sing something, show the world how to do something. We all have talents and can be entertaining. Show yourself doing a good deed for a neighbor. Learning calligraphy. Picking up a huge pile of legos. Doing jumping jacks to help you reach your goals.

Find something you are proud of and show us! Even the most mundane task will be enjoyed by some.

Attend events that feed your soul:

You will be able to find a free event to satisfy your desires. Every topic imaginable is being recorded for our pleasure. Social gatherings by video can give you the same feeling of community as you have experienced in person in the past.

Do you love concerts? Seek out your favorite artists and see what they are doing now. Invite a friend to watch along with you from their home. Did you see the One World: Together At Home Live event? Here’s one small clip featuring Elton John.

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Do you want help with homeschooling? Tune in to the tutorials offered by parents who have figured out some helpful tips by trial and error. Find the funny ones of homeschooling gone wrong!


It has always puzzled me to hear dog owners tell me “Yeah, I exercise every day. I have a dog, so I have to walk him.”

Why do humans think we have to walk our dog every day but not our human. Walk the humans!

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden

When working from home and on multiple phone calls a day, take a call outside and walk as far as your scheduled call will take you. Walk around your house while listening in on a work meeting. Do lunges and squats. Move your body at least 5 minutes every hour.

Check out Laura Clery’s Quarantine Workout video for fun with the family!

Create YOUR good news

You are creating memories. Right now. Whether you have children or are living solo in your home, you are living your truth every single day.

  • Connect with people by opening up on a deeper level.
  • Build or fix something in your home to create a sense of accomplishment.
  • Cook something extravagant together – in person with your quarantine family or over video.
  • Play all of the board games.
  • Travel together now by researching places to go in the future.
  • Encourage your children to create something they can be proud of.
  • Start making holiday gifts now.
  • Send photos to be printed and shipped to your door.
  • Create a stairs tunnel with boxes taped together (Parker Joseph Wood on FB) or attach glow sticks to your kids (Angry Dad FB)- you must watch to understand!

Be the Good News you want to see!

Taking time out from chores, work responsibilities, and homeschooling efforts to take care of your mental and physical health and to give back to others will give you a feeling of empowerment. Taking charge of your life and your actions will lead to greater fulfillment which can turn into more productivity, more empathy for others, and better health.

For more information on feminism, to prepare for our Zoom Tea & Feminism chat:

Feminism, in the simplest of definitions, means equal rights for women and men. In the article: Feminism, A Journey to Equality,  I discuss feminism and highlight the Feminist workbook by the creators of You, Me, & Uni – Feminism: A Journey to Equality.

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden

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