7 Ways Tea Can Help With Your Health Goals

Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to shed a few pounds? Being at your goal weight, the body shape that makes you feel proud and full of energy, is an empowering feeling. There are numerous claims out in the world about products that may offer you a quick solution to weight loss. However, the tried and true methods of eating healthy and exercise will win out time and time again.

For those who love going to the chain coffee places and ordering sugary, creamy coffees and tea latte’s, I have some suggestions for you. Did you know that Starbucks chai tea latte has more sugar than a snickers bar? Maybe you drink soda and fruit juice daily. Let’s consider an alternative. Do you drink craft cocktails, margaritas, and beer?

Consider a cleanse from all of these high calorie and high sugar content beverages for one month.

1. Journal your goals

Keep a daily journal to help you process your cravings, to add motivation, and to make you accountable. Whether you use a notepad on your phone or a paper book, writing down your goals and feelings throughout the process of a dietary change can be an amazing motivational tool.

Journal examples

List your start and end date. I suggest making goals for two to four weeks at the minimum. It takes at least one week for your body to detox before you will start to feel the amazing benefits of making healthy dietary changes.

Make an entry each day.

List the ways you kept your goal that day. Example: for a goal of drinking more water- make a bulleted list for every glass of water you want to drink that day. Check off each glass of water to gain that proud feeling. With eliminating goals- list what you drank or ate instead of your usual.

List your cravings. Write down when you are craving something that you want to consume. Use your journal like a support person. At the end of the day, write down what it was like to not have that sugary coffee or treat and how proud you felt of yourself when you drank herbal tea instead.

How do you feel? As the days move forward in your new healthy plan, write about your energy levels and overall feeling. Once the effects of detoxing fade away, you will undoubtedly feel better physically. Write down your wins. Your wins could be a feeling of empowerment, losing a few pounds, having better energy, happier moods, and clear skin. These wins will motivate you to keep going down your chosen healthy path.

Reevaluate your goals along the way. During times of dietary changes, a lot of people decide to make healthier choices as their cravings disappear. You may also choose to extend your time commitment because you are loving this new you!

2. Cleanse with tea

Adding specific herbal teas to your day can increase your metabolism, help to illuminate bloating and gas, and take the place of sugary drinks and snacks.

Rooibos tea has been shown to increase fat metabolism and block the formation of fat cells.

Green tea is high in catechins and these antioxidants increase fat burning.

Moringa leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties and can decrease fat formation in the body, as well as improving fat breakdown. Meditative State of Mind contains moringa and is delicious!

Oolong tea has a unique fruity aroma. Studies show oolong tea may speed up metabolism.

Puerh is a Chinese black fermented tea. It lowers blood sugar levels and can enhance weight loss.

Meditative State of Mind

3. Replace soda with unsweet tea

If you drink soda more than once a week, removing this from your diet will help you lose weight. Experiment with cold herbal teas, green or black tea for a caffeine boost, as well as a sparkling water and tea blend as a substitute for soda.

There are seven teaspoons of sugar in a can of Coke! The spike in blood sugar will give you a euphoric feeling and a boost of energy. However, it will not last long and the sugar crash will leave you feeling more tired and sluggish than you were before. When living a healthy life, consider alternatives to soda every chance you have.

4. Drink tea after dinner

Instead of dessert, make a special tea such as homemade decaf chai, iced hibiscus mint, or Meditative State of Mind from You, Me, and Uni. Tea is a soothing ritual in itself. Not keeping deserts in the house is a smart decision. Stock up on your favorite teas instead so that you always have choices on hand.

I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners and prefer honey or maple syrup in my chai tea. A little bit of sweetener goes a long way in a cup of homemade chai with steamed milk. Having iced herbal teas ready in your refrigerator at all times will serve you well in the evening when cravings for sweets come over you. Meditative State of Mind is delicious and refreshing and it will also help to relax you before bed as it is infused with chamomile and lavender. Know Your Gut, Trust Your Gut will help with bloating and when you have eaten too much. Drink this tea as a digestive aid after meals and before bed.

5. Tea has a high water content

Tea is made up of mostly water. Drinking 8-12 glasses of pure water each day will help you lose weight, will hydrate your skin, and improve your energy levels. If you get tired of drinking so much water, add a few cups of decaf tea to continue hydrating you with more flavor.

6. Mix cold herbal tea with coconut water

Coconut water has many benefits. Coconut water is low in calories, full of enzymes, and will boost metabolism. Unsweet herbal tea may taste delicious or bland, depending on which ones you choose. However, if you fill your glass halfway with coconut water, ice, and herbal tea, you have something delicious, refreshing and much more fulfilling.

7. Add unsweetened almond milk or dairy to your hot tea

If you are new to the concept of tea latte’s and only have experience with lattes made with coffee, you are in for a treat. Tea latte is a healthier alternative to coffee, in my humble opinion. Adding steamed milk to tea will add extra protein and will fill you up. If you are living caffeine-free as a temporary health goal or a forever way of life, you can enjoy a creamy, hot tea latte that will inspire the feeling of a cup of caffeine without the guilt.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You, Me, and Uni teas are all caffeine-free and full of healthy herbs and flowers to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Check out their tea collection here. Here’s to your health!

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden

Writer & editor in Gainesville, Florida




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